Send and receive, anywhere, any time

You can do your faxing wherever you can access your email, or using your browser.

Set-and-forget faxing

Every fax you receive is emailed to you, and can also be viewed and downloaded from your browser.

When you send a fax by email or by web, Fax2 won't simply try once and give up. If a fax can't be sent first time, it will just wait a while and try again, up to 3 tries. Whatever happens, you'll get an email message telling you how it went.

Never miss a fax

You can pick up all your received faxes via email or in your browser, wherever you are. Faxes are accessible from your account for up to 20 years, as well as faxes you've sent.

Your Fax2 number is never busy - you can even receive multiple faxes simultaneously.

Send thousands of faxes with a click

With Fax2 and a fax list in a spreadsheet or text file, you can send the same fax to as many fax numbers as you can imagine. Fax2 handles all of the details for you. You'll get a report showing exactly how each fax went.

Send via API

Our REST-like API lets you painlessly add faxing capability to your software.

Find out more here.

Fax securely

When you use Fax2 to send and receive faxes with your browser, all of your faxing is encrypted and secure.

(Note: fax signalling is not encrypted across the telephone network)